BUILDINGS - Roboalypse™

During most missions, you will construct, upgrade and protect various buildings. Buildings produce robots and heroes, help with your defense, and allow you to upgrade.

The HQ is your largest building and your base of operations. Builders are produced at the HQ, and they bring resources here for processing (until a Resource Bank is constructed). Losing your HQ to an enemy means you’ve failed the mission... and left the mindless builders standing there with only scraps in their hands.

Building a Robot Factory allows you to produce basic soldiers and medics – mindless fodder, err... the heart of a successful battle. After a Workshop is built, the factory can be upgraded.

After building a Robot Factory, this can be constructed – allowing you to produce heroes.

After building a Robot Factory, the Workshop can be constructed – allowing you to upgrade 3 types of robots (soldiers, medics, heavy soldiers) up to 2 times each (Veteran and Elite levels).

Building a Resource Bank allows you to increase the production of scrap metal.

After upgrading a Robot Factory, a Radar can be constructed – allowing you to see enemy units on unexplored territory.

After building a Robot Factory, you can build Turrets. These rotating cannons are capable of inflicting massive damage to enemies.

After building a Workshop, you can start constructing the upgraded Heavy Turrets. These have a greater range and are very effective against enemy heroes.