HEROES - Roboalypse™

Heroes are the most powerful robots on the battlefield. They have advanced weapons and special abilities and can also use upgrades, found as secrets and earned through kills, to boost their weapons in between missions.

Joe is an Assault Hero - a powerful, elite fighter who’s great at capturing Control Points and enemy targets. Equipped with Dual Chain Guns, he also has a soft spot in his robot-heart for Myron (… who himself has a soft spot – in his head!).

The Sarge is a Leader Hero. A commander from the cradle (his brain-scan, at least), his main weapons are special gauntlet gloves, with which he delivers his patented Head Cracker move - effectively crushing the enemy and their head.

Spyder is a Scout Hero. Moving very quickly, he is great at infiltrating enemy territories. His primary weapon is the Converter Cannon, a cryogenic gun that can turn a robot into a refrigerator for a short period of time. Great for freezing those pesky medics, or for keeping your drink cold.

An Assault Hero (just like his adopted last name says), Pyro’s first words (as well as the next 10,000) were “Fire!” Not surprisingly, his main weapon is a flamethrower, affectionately called the Melter. (That was his second word…)

While Viper is a Sniper Hero, he also moonlights as a scout. He moves quickly and is great at infiltrating the enemy’s base. He can also pick off robots with his long-range Sniper Rifle… for those times when you want to sit back and enjoy the damage.

The General is a Leader Hero with more experience in his elegant, decorated shoulder pads than most robots have at all. His main weapon is a Chain Saw, which tears enemy robots apart limb-from-dishwasher-body-frame.