iPhoneFEATURES - Roboalypse™ - Mobile Mayhem

Robocalypse Mobile Mayhem features will feature all the humor, wit, content and strategy of the original game, and will be enhanced to deliver an even better experience through the iPhone's unique features including touch-screen support and online multiplayer. Fun and intuitive, Robocalypse Mobile Mayhem for the iPhone will be accessible to all skill-levels of players − from the most casual tactician to the supreme robot-ruling warlord.

Scroll around the maps, build new units and structures or command your heroes − all by just tapping the screen.

Choose the way you want to play on the fly with a customizable view! Battle the Demolisher and his minions by holding the iPhone vertically or horizontally, the game switches as soon as you do.

All in-game elements appear on the single iPhone screen, providing a larger view of each battlefield and easier access to all of the interface elements.

Those crazy marching melodies and sound effects are back and they sound better than ever!