STORY - Roboalypse™ - Mobile Mayhem

When the A.I. routines of polite, state-of-the-art toasters are accidentally installed into Thermidoom′s other product line - Killer Military Robots – disaster ensues!... And the company′s two day record of being “accident-free” comes to an end.

The evil Demolisher robot and his minions are created from the chaos and unleashed onto the world! To win the love of a co-worker, staff geek genius Myron Mako creates a new batch of robots and implants their memories with brain scans from retired WWII veterans. Myron must now control these oil-swilling, dynamite-chomping, brawling, Robotic Heroes and save humanity!

A little man with a BIG shout, Yellin is the President of Thermidoom Labs - makers of fine military robots and home appliances. What he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in irritability. Being in the military’s pocket is both profitable and stressful – especially with the employees he has. Unfortunately most of his profits go right out the window - or more specifically right into “window replacements,” caused by his hourly temper-tantrums... er, meetings.

A humble toaster logic programmer at Thermidoom – and the nerdiest of the nerds, Myron hasn’t changed his style (or underwear) since the last time his mother dressed him. As captain of his high school chess team, the closest Myron came to being around girls was when he moved the Queen piece into checkmate. Now Myron hopes to turn this crisis into a chance to prove his manhood to the girl of his dreams – Professor Hayer. That is, unless the tape on his glasses breaks again...

Professor Hayer, the beautiful A.I. programmer whom Myron drools over, is in charge of Testing Lab #2 – the Military Robots division. A woman in a man’s lab, she’s not afraid to raise her voice (or cause bodily harm) to get what she wants. But although she’s all business, she’s easily swayed by a good looking man with a head full of rocks – deep down she’s ALL woman!

Roger is a typical Government agent – ready to take charge and get others to do the work for him. A bully at heart, he likes to mix business with pleasure... especially if the “business” involves beautiful scientists in need of a big, strong man! Roger loves giving noogies, sacrificing women and children, and spouting inappropriate euphemisms – all things a “true man” does. (Although he does seem WAY too concerned with the size of his SUV...)

This killer red robot looks like a walking time-bomb, but sounds like the “Dutchess of Thermidoom” having tea. Having been uploaded with “Emily Post for Appliances,” every greeting, command, and death order he issues is super-polite and courteous. Always one to raise his pinkies – when sipping soup or firing a submachine gun – the Demolisher does his best to never hurt feelings as he crushes your civilization back to dust!