BOTS - Roboalypse™ - Mobile Mayhem

There are 4 kinds of basic robots in the game - builders, soldiers, medics and heavy soldiers. Every basic robot requires scrap metal resources to construct.

Produced in the Headquarters (HQ) building, he collects scrap metal, constructs and repairs buildings. Builders have no weapons and keep working until their last spark plug gives out.

Produced in the Robot Factory, the soldier is the fastest and cheapest combat robot. A basic grunt with average ratings, this guy is good fodder for any situation.

Produced in the Robot Factory, energy resources are also needed to construct medics. Their main job is to repair all friendly robots within a certain distance. One medic can usually cover 4-5 robots. Medics’ secondary job is to stay away from danger – as their hands are always sterile.

Produced in the upgraded Heavy Robot Factory, this combat robot has stronger armor and weapons than the basic soldier, which makes him heavier and slower to move. And whatever you do, don’t call him “fat”...